Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine

One of the most important health interventions people with pre-existing health complaints and over 65’s can do is get annual Flu vaccination and the Pneumonia vaccine just once.

These are valuable whether you have been prone to respiratory infections in the past or not.

When you look at who occupies hospital beds and trolleys during the annual winter flu epidemics and with serious pneumonia, pneumococcal septicaemia (blood poisoning) and pneumococcal meningitis, over 65s and persons with pre-existing health problems are greatly over represented.

Influenza and pneumonia vaccination greatly reduce risk of serious illness from these common infections.

Vaccinations are not live vaccines and can not give you an infection. Minor injection site pain or slight aches for a few hours are common though manageable with simple paracetamol or over the counter pain killers. Serious adverse reactions are very rare and the benefits far outweigh the risks in the vast majority of people in at risk groups.

Vaccinations are available from our practice nurse or doctors during consultation. They are free of charge for Medical Card and Doctor Only Visit Card holders. An administration charge applies for private patients.