Well Man Check-Ups

Our health checks are appropriate for patient’s age and circumstances and focus on preventing the illnesses that are most at risk of interfering with our patient’s wellbeing in the short, medium or long term. We are anxious to promote healthy lifestyles particularly with regard to smoking, alcohol and weight.

  • Includes a full Symptom screen, Family History, medication review,
  • Checks concentrate particularly on identification of known preventable common conditions namely cardiac conditions, stroke, diabetes and cancer risk assessment,
  • BP, Weight and BMI assessment,
  • Full Physical and Urinary Examinations,
  • Testicular, genital and prostate exams (where appropriate- i.e 20 year old males do not have prostate troubles and we do not screen for problems in the absence of symptoms).
  • detailed blood biochemical tests, includes cholesterol, blood sugar, renal and liver profile, blood count and thyroid function, if appropriate
  • male hormonal and serum prostate PSA tests, if appropriate
  • updating age appropriate health prevention advice
  • cardiac ECG exam, optional