Sports and Orthopaedic Medicine

Sports Injuries, Back Pain problems, Joint and Muscle Pains Promoting regular exercise and sporting activities for the young and the old, male and female, is a key health promotion goal for all our GPs.

Assessing, treating and rehabilitating sports and exercise injuries is a special interest for most of our GPs.

Back pains and stiffness or sciatica pains from a prolapseddDisc require extra care, thorough assessments, and a good knowledge of which problems will settle with home exercises, medications, physiotherapy or occasionally back disc surgery.

Swollen, painful joints or tendons particularly affect the knees, ankles, shoulders or wrists. Our GPs can suggest appropriate treatments using heat or ice packs, home exercises, medications, physio and occasional Joint Injections.

Occasionally appropriate diagnostic referrals are needed for X-rays, MRI scans, CAT scans or ultrasound scans.

Occasionally referrals are needed to charted physiotherapists or orthopaedic surgeons or specific sports medicine specialists. Our GPs have strong working relationships with these professionals when referrals or advice are necessary.