Dermatology/Skin Care

All our doctors are experienced in review of common skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis, review of moles, freckles and pigmented skin lesions that are of concern or have changed.

All your doctors have seen the common skin cancers on a regular basis and know when further referral is required for these and less common skin problems of uncertain origin. We can offer a good opinion on most of the common other skin conditions or refer when appropriate for further opinion.

Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen freezing) is available from our doctors and nurse for a wide range of skin conditions both innocent and precancerous.

Dr O’Leary has extensive minor surgery experience and can organise diagnostic biopsies and excisions where appropriate.

Our practice nurse runs a cryotherapy clinic for common skin conditions such as wart or actinic keratoses (sun damaged scaly skin condition prevalent on sun exposed areas) so common in Irish people from middle age on.

We would ask patients to attend our doctors for initial diagnosis of your skin lesions though our Nurse is happy to see simple warts without prior doctor visit.