Men’s Health

Our GPs are aware that men use their family hoctors differently to women. We also know that some men are happy to talk to their GP and some find it harder to talk.

We encourage men to do 5 simple things for their health prevention

  • share your Family History with your GP
  • know your healthy Weight
  • check your Blood Pressure
  • Stop Smoking
  • Maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body

Our GPs are used to dealing with many routine issues:

  • worries about heart disease and circulation
  • worries about Cancer
  • worries about men’s issues at work, at home, in the family, in the local community or sports club
  • alcohol and substance misuse problems
  • financial strains
  • marital and relationship problems
  • anxieties and panic feelings
  • low mood, depression and suicide risks
  • simple embarrassing problems like piles, itchy rashes in your groin or backside
  • swellings or lumps in your scrotum or penis or groin
  • Erectile problems or loss of sex drive
  • muscle strains, back pains or Sports and Exercise Injuries