Contraception and Emergancy Contraception

It is estimated that half of all pregnancies are unplanned. All our doctors are experienced in giving advice on all types of contraception available and in deciding which are the most appropriate.

Certain forms suit certain women at certain times in their life. If you are sexually active, it is important that you would think strongly about reliable contraception. Please make an appointment and come in and discuss your options with us.

Common forms of effective contraception include condoms, oral contraceptive combined pills, progesterone only pills, progesterone injections, implantable progesterones, Mirena coils, diaphragms, tubal ligation and vasectomy.

Long term Contraception – Implanon, Mirena Coil, Kyleena  and Jaydess Coils and Copper Coils

Dr. Conor O’Leary provides an Implanon insertion service and Dr.Brian Kilbride provides a Coil service to patients of the practice and to Medical Card Holders and Doctor only visit Card holders from our practice and by referral from other practices in the Dun Laoghaire area.

Implanon insertion provides five years of the most reliable contraception. The device is a small bar which is inserted under the skin which releases a progesterone like homone that provides almost perfect contraceptive efficacy (1 in 1000 failure rate).

Total cost  for five years of contraception with implanon is €130 .

Mirena, Jaydess and  Kyleena are brands of hormone containing coils – plastic devices lined with a progesterone like hormone that is inserted into the uterus. At 1 year it has the advantage of greatly lessened or absent periods. Once fitted, it provides 3-5 years ( depending on device used)of almost perfect contraception ( 2 in 1000 failure rate). Devices contain varying levels of hormones.

Costs include pre-assessment visit (€65 ), Insertion visit (€190), and post insertion 6 week check ( €45) plus the cost of the device ( €134).

Total Cost for 5 years contraception with the Mirena Coil is €434.

The Copper coil is a hormone free coil that may be suitable for some women who prefer a hormone free device. It does not lead to cessation of periods in the same way hormone containing devices but is a very safe and effective contraceptive ( 8 per 1000 failure rate).The device is considerably cheaper than the mirena coil costing €20.

Total Cost for 5 years contraception with the copper coil is €320