Womens Health and contraceptive Services

We offer advice on all aspects of womens health. We offer advice on gynaecological problems, contraception, cervical screening, antenatal and post natal care through the combine care scheme, and advice managing menopausal symptoms.

If you need an appointment for the morning after pill, please contact us and we can guaranteed you a same day appointment if you mention the reason to our reception staff no matter whether all appointments are taken or not.

Morning after pills are more effective the sooner they are taken so it very important to take them within 240248 hours if possible..

They can be effective up to five days after intercourse but are most effective in the first 48 hours.

Copper coils can be inserted  up to 5 days after intercourse as an emergency procedure and provide the most effective emergency contraception as well as very effective longer term contraception and Dr. Kilbride can insert these if needed.

On weekends and bank holidays, please contact DLDOC at 6639869 between 10 am and 6pm, to organise earliest possible review.