Travel Vaccines and Medical Clinic

If you are planning a trip abroad this year for either business or pleasure, please consider seeing us in the Johnstown Medical Centre for advice and vaccinations. We have extensive experience in providing advice for safe travel to most of the common and not so common travel destinations. Our service is very competitively priced when compared to most other service providers around the city both for the cost of the visits and the cost of the vaccines.

Our Practice Nurse looks after most of our routine travel consultations and is happy to advise appropriately and organize vaccinations and prescriptions for anti-malaria medication prior to your trips.

Maintaining good health while abroad is achievable for the most part with following simple principles.

  1. Optimizing your health with regard to pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiac diseases along with any other ongoing medical problems likely to reduce the quality of your trip should you become unwell while abroad. This can be done with a visit to your GP a few weeks prior to your trip.
  2. Advice in relation to your destination with regard to appropriate vaccinations and taking appropriate anti-malarial preparations.
  3. Lifestyle Advice in relation to food hygiene, avoiding insect bites, avoiding sun exposure, and sensible sexual behaviour.
  4. Road traffic accidents – particularly quad biking and motorcycle related, but also simple traffic accidents are the number one cause of serious injury while on holiday. Caution required particularly if out late at night and socializing!


Travel Consultation with Nurse € 45 + € 30 per extra person (recommended for routine consultations)+Cost of Vaccine

Travel Consultation with doctor € 65  + € 30 per extra person (recommended if review of medical conditions required) +Cost of Vaccine

At each consultation we have access to the most up to date information and updates on vaccination recommendations, disease outbreaks and precautions necessary for individual destinations and tailor advice to your trip.

Second and third vaccinations if required, such as with Hepatitis B and rabies, incur the cost of the individual vaccine and no extra administration fee.

Most Commonly Recommended Vaccinations

South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia (Thailand Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), Central and South America, India, China, Russia, Middle East:

Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio–    Revaxis €35

Hepatitis A, Typhoid–            Hepatyrix € 60

Sometimes Required Vaccinations

Yellow Fever Vaccination is recommended if travelling to tropical Central and South America and Sub-Saharan Africa ( €35 )

Hepatitis B recommended for long stay travellers or certain occupations or high risk groups ( 3 x € 35 = €115)

Rabies Vaccination recommended for long stay travellers or certain occupations or high risk groups (3 x € 65 = € 195 )

Influenza Vaccine  (€ 20)

Pneumonia Vaccine ( € 20)

Advice regarding malaria prevention for individual destinations including prescription (though not the medication) if necessary is included in the consultation.

It is best to attend 6 to 8 weeks prior to departure, though you still get good protection closer to your date of travel, for most of the common vaccinations.

List of Vaccine Prices

Illness Covered              Name                       Cost

Diptheria/ Tetanus         Diftavax /DiTet        €30

Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio  Revaxis                  € 35

Hepatitis A/Typhoid       Viatim/hepatyrix      € 60

Yellow Fever                 Stamaril                 € 35

Influenza                                                      € 20

Pneumonia                Pneumovax                €20

Hepatitis B Adult         Energix B                €35 per vaccine dose (requires 3 doses for complete course)

Hepatitis B child                                                €35 per vaccine dose (requires 3 doses for full course)

Hepatitis A adult         Havrix                      € 46

Hepatitis A child         Havrix junior          € 31

Typhoid           Typherix or Typhim               € 32

Japanese B Encephalitis                            (need to order in advance)

Rabies                                                         € 65/ dose (requires 3 doses for complete course)  (you may need to order in advance)

Meningitis A+C                                          € 25

Chicken Pox           Varivax                        €65

Hepatitis A+B       Twinrix   (adult)            € 55

Twinrix Paediatric       € 32

HPV (Cervical Cancer) Gardasil             €150/ dose (requires 3 doses)

Rotavirus                 Rotarix                        € 85